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Looking for services of a company, which can work closely with you, to analyze, precisely define and implement your business requirements? Whether you require consultancy for database/information systems , ERP systems (Baan), software requirement specifications, distributed server architecture, Enterprise training, teamwork for client/server based system, or research in new areas . If speed is of the essence and time-to-market is critical, let Future IT assist you in realizing your projects/products in a cost effective way.

We offer following services:

With a team of skilled IT professionals, we provide consultancy to assist analysis, planning, and execution of your IT projects. Our project leaders and team members work closely with client for in-time completion of projects, with strong adherence to requirements.

Future IT has specialty in analyzing existing system to find out performance bottlenecks, and to rectify the problems through optimization of processes. We offer source code level system review to identify low performance issues, build technical software documentation using OO & UML, to ensure you benefit from manageable maintenance in the long run.

Future IT provides BaanERP customization, and integration with other server environments. Our services include activation and configuration of modules, report/session customization, system migration, and data archiving. We also provide training for BaanERP development and customizations.

Productive use of IT advancements requires research and proof of concepts through innovative projects and evolutionary prototyping. Future IT realizes this requirement, and provides such services to explore and develop in the latest areas including Mobile applications, GPRS, and location based services.

Future IT provides professional Enterprise training in specific areas including Object Oriented Analysis and Design, UML, and Design Patterns. We use standard UML for analysis and modeling, and C++/Java for programming exercises. These services are to assist small to medium size companies to train resources in a cost effective manner.
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