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An intelligent, multi-purpose, and multi-feature solution for maintenance. EquipMan provides scheduling of maintenance activities on regular basis as well as emergency maintenance based on task requests. The solution makes management of all kinds of equipment simple to fulfill the requirements of regulatory agencies. The result is minimized equipment failure, increased service efficiency, improved safety inspections, and speed up quality control audits.

The maintenace inspector technician can perfrom maintenance tour using EquipMan PDA application. All tour related data including route information, zones, checkpoints, checklists, task requests are avaialblete on the EquipMan PDA application. After performing the tour, the data is automatically updated in the central EquipMan database. The complete EquipMan solution provides 40+ standard reports, and additionally, a Custom Report Generator.

Following figure gives an overview of EquipMan architecture:

Business areas covered by EquipMan include following:
  • Equipment Maintenance for petrochemical, electricity generation and other industries
  • Safety Inspections of equipment at industrial sites or remote locations
  • Servicing of automats, ticketing machines, telecom equipments
  • Hazardous Material Inspections at chemical plants and laboratories
  • Safety Management of power generating plants and general work environment
  • Security Monitoring of airport terminals, company equipment and premises
  • Quality Control Audits
  • and more...
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