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Stable and efficient IT infrastructure is a must for all businesses to run smoothly and productively. Future IT team provides services for assuring high availability of your IT infrastructure, fine tuning and increased efficiency of system services/processes, and implementation of highly secured environment to block unauthorized data access and security threats.
Our services include following:

These services count for maintenance, fine-tuning, and proposals for optimized infrastructure performance for core servers including domain controllers, email servers, web servers, terminal servers, database servers, firewalls as well as LAN configurations.

Recovering from system crashes and restoring critical enterprise data in minimal down time is vital for a successful and productive business. Future IT has implemented procedures for proper backup of all kinds of servers, and restoring them in minimal down time, to ensure peace of mind with high business availability.

Enable your remote/field users to connect and work on your local LAN seamlessly. To ensure protection of enterprise data, all communication is encrypted and is transported over Virtual Private Networking (VPN) connection. Remote users will work as if they are working in local office.

Installation and configuration of Email and Web servers (Linux and Windows platforms).

Installation and configuration of software (Linux based)/hardware firewalls, and De-Militarized Zone (DMZ), to ensure high security for whole enterprise IT infrastructure. DMZ offers extra security, while enabling limited external access to desired services.
» Core IT Infrastructure maintenance
» Enterprise Data Backup and Restore
» Windows Terminal Services / Secure VPN Access
» Email and Web server
» Firewalls and DMZ

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