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Need an IT solution very specific to your business? Benefit from services of our highly professional team, skilled to provide client specific software development services in a wide range of application areas. On the top of latest tools & technologies (including Visual C/C++, C#, Visual BASIC, XML, .Net Framework, COM/COM+, JAVA, Assembly language,.), we use Object Oriented Analysis & Design (OOAD) methodology with standard Unified Modeling Language (UML). Whether you require development of new software, or extensions of existing systems, you can count on us for an excellent productive teamwork.

Our areas of expertise include following:

Experience in a number of application areas enables us to fulfill your needs ranging from analysis of business requirements and software specifications to implementation of the whole system. Our services cover standalone applications, Intranet/Internet based applications, and distributed client/server based systems.

We have strong experience in design and development of large-scale databases, optimized for efficient data access and intelligent information retrieval. We also develop specialized components to provide data interfaces to heterogeneous systems.

We have experience with embedded (hard) real-time systems. Multi-Processor system or pseudo-Multiprocessing is implemented for the respective solution. We use high level (C/C++) or Assembly languages for programming embedded real-time system. The HW vary according to application area, Micro-controller, Programmable controller (/SPS), Windows CE based PDAs or industry servers are used to fulfil the application requirements. The analysis, design and test phases are performed by using standard methods and techniques for Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

With today's powerful mobile operating systems like Windows Mobile/Pocket PC and Symbian, mobile application areas have evolved from personal to industry level. Future IT has excellent expertise in developing user-friendly mobile applications and mobile communication (IR, GPRS, etc.) using the latest tools and technologies.

With current advancements in IT, it is vital not only to keep Enterprise systems up-to-date with the latest technologies, but also to connect them to other systems for secure and efficient data exchange. Future IT team has specialty for porting existing applications/systems to the latest platforms (including 64 bit Itanium platform) seamlessly, and extending them to meet new business challenges.

When it comes to performance and time critical operations, optimized and quality code becomes necessary. Future IT team excels to find out system bottlenecks, fine tune existing algorithms through optimizing memory operations, use of efficient data structures, minimizing code execution overheads, and implementing new algorithms to meet performance requirements. Future IT has also introduced new algorithms for dynamic load balancing of servers, called Graded Round Robin algorithm.

Design patterns provide well-known tested constructs and behaviors for various specialized programming scenarios. By analyzing complex problems, formulating solutions, and where applicable, applying suitable design pattern for them, Future IT provides time effective and dependable implementations of solutions.

Industry automation software development is among the key areas where Future IT has several years of experience developing small to large and complex projects. The application areas include real time automation in general, and specifically transport systems, doors & gate drive systems, and signaling. For Industry Automation and Robotics we have deployed industry PCs and different programmable controllers (PC/SPS). Main manufacturers of used programmable controllers are SAIA's PCD and Siemens's SIMATIC series.
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