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Founded in 1998, Future IT is a leading IT solutions provider, situated in center of Switzerland with offshore recourses at different locations.

As the name of company highlights, Future IT offers future and latest technology based IT solutions covering requirements of small to large Enterprises. Research on emerging technologies supports them to remain in front line. Future IT has solutions in areas of Broadcast data management (Terrestrial broadcast, including TV, radio, DAB, DVB-T, Microwave links, and mobile communication networks), equipment maintenance (PDA based solution), BaanERP solutions, and project planning & resource management. In addition
to these solutions, Future IT has strength in providing software development services for Enterprise specific requirements, web site development, web-based applications, programming of programmable controllers, and IT Infrastructure software configuration/maintenance.

On the behalf of creativity and advancement in latest technologies, Future IT has the capability to fulfill requirements of its clients optimally. The process orientated project guidance, and precise analysis of evolving needs of customers, facilitates Future IT to provide the most suitable solutions fine-tuned to requirements.
    About Us
» Innovative company
» Excellent industory experience
» Leader in data management solutions for Broadcast and Telecom sectors
» PDA based flexible maintenance solutions
» IT consultancy
» Porting of exsiting solutions to latest technologies
» Optimization of systems to meet changing requirements
» Industry Automation and Robotics

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